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India's Marble and Granite Trade in 2022: A Snapshot of Imports and Exports

The year 2022 has been a landmark period for India's marble and granite sector, with significant activities in both imports and exports. According to, the trade data reveals crucial insights into the nation's evolving dynamics in the global natural stone market.

India’s marble and granite imports and exports in 2022 reflect its substantial demand and growing influence in the international stone industry. The imports indicate India's endeavor to meet its high domestic demand and specific quality preferences by supplementing local production with global imports. This trend highlights India's robust market for luxury construction materials and its commitment to quality.

In terms of exports, India has showcased its prowess in catering to the global demand for marble and granite. This aspect of the trade underscores India's capabilities in processing and finishing these stones to align with varied international standards and aesthetic preferences. It positions India as a significant contributor and influencer in the worldwide natural stone market.

The detailed report by offers an extensive analysis of the quantities and the countries involved in this trade, providing an in-depth view of India's bilateral trade relations concerning marble and granite.

These trade patterns narrate the story of India's economic growth and its pivotal role in the global marble and granite market, pointing to broader economic and industrial trends in the region.

For a thorough analysis and complete statistics of India’s marble and granite imports and exports in 2022, visit for the full report.

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