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Explore the wonders of Crema Marfil marble stone: choosing the perfect slabs and tiles

Updated: Feb 9

Exploring Crema Marfil Marble: Timeless Elegance in Design

Dive into the enchanting world of Crema Marfil Marble, a breathtaking sedimentary limestone created by the magical interplay of calcite and the remains of ancient marine life. Its canvas features creamy beiges and ivory, decorated with captivating fossils such as nummulites and corals, along with fine veins that meander through them, displaying shades from white to red.

Mainly sourced from quarries based in Alicante, Spain, particularly 'El Coto' in Pinoso, this magnificent marble fuels a thriving industry, with companies like Levantina leading the way in extraction and distribution. But it's not just about the big players. Many smaller companies also contribute to the richness of Montecotto.

Appearance is very important when it comes to Crema Marfil marble and can vary significantly based on quarry location, mining areas and grade of selection. From the exquisite Crema Marfil Extra to the more versatile Low Commercial, there is a variety to suit every taste and budget.

Its warm and calm aura makes Crema Marfil Marble an excellent option for interior spaces and adds a sense of beauty to classic and contemporary environments. From the living room to the kitchen, its versatility shines through. And don't overlook its potential for outdoor applications, although careful attention to finish is critical to maintaining its beauty over time.

But beauty comes with responsibility. Due to limestone composition, Marfil marble cream reacts to acids and requires proper care and maintenance. And while high quality often comes with a hefty price tag, fear not! Alternatives are available for those looking for a similar aesthetic without breaking the bank.

If you want a stone of similar color, design, and quality, but at a more reasonable price, do not hesitate to contact us at All Stones AB. We specialize in providing alternatives that meet your needs and provide excellent value.

So whether you are renovating your home or designing a new space, we at  All Stones AB can provide unique stones that will help make your projects special.

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