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Welcome to the heart of our operations at Allstones AB, where we blend the art of nature with human craftsmanship. We take pride in our robust production capabilities, with state-of-the-art facilities located in the rich terrains of Afghanistan and Iran. Our production capacity stands at an impressive 15,000 square meters per month, a testament to our commitment to meeting the growing demands of our clients without compromising on quality.

Our Facilities

Afghanistan and Iran: A Rich Heritage in Stone Crafting

Our factories in Afghanistan and Iran are more than just production units; they are the epicenters of a rich heritage in stone crafting. These regions are renowned for their quality natural stones, and our presence here allows us to source the finest materials directly. We harness the unique geological gifts of these areas, from the rugged mountains of Afghanistan to the ancient quarries of Iran, ensuring a diverse range of high-quality stones.

Our Capacity

15,000 Square Meters of Premium Stone, Monthly

At Allstones AB, we have scaled our operations to produce up to 15,000 square meters of premium natural stones every month. This capacity enables us to handle projects of all sizes, from small, bespoke pieces to large-scale construction projects. Our efficient production processes, combined with meticulous quality control, ensure that each square meter of stone meets the highest standards of excellence.

Our Commitment

Consistency, Quality, and Timely Delivery

Our promise extends beyond just numbers. We are committed to delivering consistently high-quality products. Our team of skilled artisans and technicians works tirelessly to ensure that each piece of stone from our factories reflects perfection. We understand the importance of timely delivery in keeping your projects on schedule, and our significant production capacity ensures that we meet your deadlines without delay.

Our Range

Diverse Selection for Various Applications

The diversity of our range is as impressive as our capacity. We specialize in a variety of natural stones, including the elegance of marble, the robustness of granite, the charm of travertine, and the uniqueness of onyx. Each type of stone we offer brings its unique aesthetic and functional properties, suitable for a wide range of applications in architecture and interior design.

Partner with Us

For Projects That Demand the Best

Whether you are an architect, a builder, or a homeowner, if your project demands the best in natural stones, Allstones AB is your ideal partner. With our production capacity of 15,000 square meters per month and facilities in the heart of some of the world's best stone-producing regions, we are equipped to bring your vision to life.

Contact us today to discuss your project needs or to learn more about our products and capabilities. Let us be a part of your next successful project.



Allstones AB
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